There are many myths about contact lenses. Here we answer some common questions on contact lens myths.

Can contact lenses get lost behind the eye?

That’s physically impossible. There is a membrane covering your eye that connects inside your eyelids, preventing anything from getting behind your eye, including a contact lens.

Can contact lenses scratch your eye?

Contact lens related problems can occur, however this is very unlikely. Most common eye-health issues are related to poorly fitted lenses or not following your opticians recommended lens wear schedule.

If you experience any unusual eye discomfort or changes to your vision while wearing your contact lenses, remove them immediately and call your optician.

Can contact lenses be difficult to remove, or disappear behind my eye?

You will be shown how to remove contact lenses – it gets easier, the more you practice. A lens can not disappear behind your eye as there’s a membrane that stops dust, eyelashes (and lenses) from going to the back of your eye. Remember to remove your lenses before sleep, and if they feel dry, try some rewetting drops before removing them.

Other Contact Lens Myths


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