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Welcome to which is owned by Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd. This Cookie Policy is designed to tell you about our practices regarding the collection of information from you when visiting our website through Cookies and other tracking technologies.

Overview of UK Cookie Consent Rules

EU law requires organisations placing cookies onto visitors’ computers via their websites to obtain “consent” after providing clear and comprehensive information about how cookies are used. 
In order to comply with this, we have taken four steps:

  1. Identified cookies and other tracking technologies served through this website, the purposes they fulfil, and related information such as their expiry and whether they are first or third party cookies.
  2. Assessed the intrusiveness of these cookies on visitors’ expectations of Privacy, based on the information collected in (i) above.
  3. Provided ‘clear and comprehensive’ information about website cookies with the appropriate level of disclosure corresponding with the intrusiveness of each cookie.
  4. Decided on an appropriate strategy for obtaining consent for website cookies, taking into account their use and intrusiveness.  Certain types of cookie may qualify for legal exemptions and, where this is the case, consent will not be required for these cookies.

Consent Strategies Used on This Website

European standards for obtaining consent to use cookies and similar tracking technologies (such as tracking pixels and website scripts) ("Cookies") continue to evolve and while prior, express consent strategies (or 'opt-in' strategies) represent the most legally robust solution for obtaining consent, they can impair visitor experience and adversely impact legitimate website data collection. 
As an alternative, implied consent strategies enable us to infer consent where visitors do not refuse Cookies (or 'opt-out'), after providing prominent Cookie disclosures and simple, readily-available Cookie controls at a granular level.  This enables visitors to accept the Cookies they are happy to receive them and to refuse those they do not accept.

The consent strategy that is appropriate for any given type of Cookie will depend on the intrusiveness of that Cookie, taking into account:

  • who serves the Cookie (i.e. a first or third party)
  • what data the Cookie collects
  • what purposes it fulfils
  • how long it endures
  • nature of the website through which it is served.

For Cookies requiring consent, we follow a three-tiered approach for obtaining visitor consent:

  • for Cookies of low intrusiveness:  we make enhanced disclosures in this Cookie policy and provide an easy means to opt out of Cookies.  Where a visitors do not refuse Cookies then we will infer consent. 
  • for Cookies of medium intrusiveness: we use the same strategy as for low intrusiveness Cookies and also make contextual disclosures about Cookie use at appropriate points on the websites (e.g. making Cookie disclosures around targeted adverts or other website functionality reliant on these Cookies)
  • for Cookies of high intrusiveness:  we will implement a prior consent strategy (for example, the use of a banner / pop-up requiring visitors to consent to these Cookies before they are served).

Implied consent for Cookies:  The Cookies deployed through this website are of low to medium intrusiveness only.

Cookie disclosures by type, rather than by identity:  Given the substantial number of Cookies served through websites, the assessment in Annex A does not disclose and assess the intrusiveness of each Cookie individually. Instead, it groups Cookies by category (for example, 'advertising cookies', 'analytics cookies' and so on) and assesses the intrusiveness of each category, taking into account the specific features of the Cookies that are within that category.  This enables Cookie disclosures that are simpler and clearer for consumers to understand.

NOTE: An assessment of the Cookie types served through this website appears in Annex A and provides information about its purpose(s), expiry and information on refusing the Cookies in “How to Block.”

Links to Other Websites

This site may contain links or references to other websites. Please be aware that we do not control the Cookies / tracking technologies of other websites and this Cookie Policy does not apply to those websites.

For Cookie Policy matters please Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this Cookie Policy or the information practices of this site, please contact us as follows:

Privacy Officer
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Companies
Pinewood Campus
Nine Mile Ride
RG40 3EW

Or by e-mail at [email protected]

Changes to This Cookie Policy

If this Cookie Policy changes, the revised policy will be posted on this site. This Cookie Policy was last updated on 05/03/2014.




Further Details

Adobe Audience Manager

Third-party / Marketing Cookie

Audience Manager sets this cookie to assign a unique ID to a site visitor. The demdex cookie helps Audience Manger perform basic functions such as visitor identification, ID synchronization, segmentation, modeling, reporting, etc.


Third-party / Marketing Cookie

iBillboard cookie. This is used in integration with the other cookies on the site to track product performance.

Facebook Pixel

Third-party / Marketing Cookie

This cookie is set to track Facebook campaign success rate. Allows the website managers to set up, run and track their promotional campaigns on Facebook.

Facebook Custom Audience

Third-party / Marketing Cookie

Now it is called Facebook Business and allows businesses to connect their websites to their Facebook business profiles and campaigns.

Facebook Connect

Third-party / Marketing Cookie

Allows end users to share website content with their friends and contacts on Facebook.

Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager

Third-party / Marketing Cookie

This cookie allows website managers to set up campaigns in Adobe Analytics and track success rate of their campaigns as well as that of various parts of their websites. Having this information allows website owners to make correct improvements to their websites, enhancing the user experience.


Third-party / Marketing Cookie

This is a cookie set be Google and is set on websites where Google products such as Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics.

GA Audiences

Third-party / Marketing Cookie

A cookie set by Google on websites where Google Analytics is enabled.

Google Tag Manager

Third-party / Marketing Cookie

This is the same as Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager except that it uses Google Analytics system instead of Adobe.

Google Analytics

Third-party / Marketing Cookie

This cookie is set to track performance statistics captured by Google Tag Manager.


Third-party / Marketing Cookie

A cookie set by Adobe Analytics suite of marketing products.


System Cookie

This is used to verify that the end user has javascript enabled in their browser.



System Cookie

This is used to let the user know which product they looked at most recently.



System Cookie

This cookie is generated when the user accepts the cookie notice.



System Cookie

Cloudflare cookie, this is used to detect and prevent spam and hacking attacks.



System Cookie

Cloudflare cookie, this is used to detect and prevent spam and hacking attacks.


How to remove / disable cookies.

Removing or disabling cookies is a client-side operation and can be performed by the end user. It depends on the browser and operating system in use. All browser providers have their own instructions on dealing with cookies. Please see below for details.




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