What is Long-Sightedness or Hyperopia?

Long-sightedness, or hyperopia (orig. hypermetropia), is a common vision problem that can normally be corrected with contact lenses or glasses. If you are long-sighted (hyperopic), you can see objects clearly at a distance but find it hard to focus on things close to you. As people with long-sightedness get older, seeing at a distance can become more difficult as well. In cases of high hyperopia, it can be difficult to focus on objects at any distance.

What causes long-sightedness?

Long-sightedness is caused when the eye is too short from front to back, or the cornea’s curve is not powerful enough for the eye. Light is focused behind the retina instead of on it, resulting in blurred vision.

Some children are born long-sighted, and their vision can correct itself as their eyes develop, however they should be examined by an optician to ensure that this is the case and it isn’t causing the child any other problems.

Adults can also become long-sighted, particularly as they approach middle age. Long-sightedness shouldn't be confused with presbyopia, which makes focusing at close distance difficult as a result of the lens inside our eye becoming less flexible.

What are the symptoms of long-sightedness?

The main symptoms of long-sightedness is that the conditions makes it difficult to clearly see things close to you, and can interfere with day-to-day activities such as reading, writing and other precise, close-up tasks. This can lead to eyestrain, headaches and fatigue.

Diagnosing long-sightedness

If you think you might be long-sighted, use our search tool to find an optician near you and schedule an eye examination. The examination will determine if you are long-sighted and how much, and determine the prescription that you need for glasses or contact lenses to correct this


Most people who are long-sighted are able to correct their vision with glasses or contact lenses. These contact lenses are shaped to focus light correctly on your retina, helping you see clearly without glasses both up close and at a distance.

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