ACUVUE® OASYS Contact Lenses featuring PUPIL OPTIMISED DESIGN offer clear vision - near, far and in between2.

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Putting on and taking off contact lenses is a simple process. ACUVUE® has multiple resources to facilitate your contact lens journey

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†Please note professional eye examination and fitting fees may apply. UK residents 18 or over only. One trial per person. Eligibility subject to optician approval. Participating opticians only. See link for full terms and conditions.

*Compared to prior JJV multifocal design; technology optimised for both the parameters of refractive error and add power for a multitude of viewing distances and light levels.
** is a website maintained by the NIH. The 28 clinical studies evaluated subjective comfort as a primary or secondary endpoint for ACUVUE® OASYS Brand 2-week family, ACUVUE® OASYS 1-Day Brand family, and ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day Brand family of contact lenses, vs. competitors’ products. Review conducted as of April 30, 2023.

‡All ACUVUE® contact lenses have UV Blocking to help provide protection against transmission of harmful UV radiation to the cornea and into the eye. UV absorbing contact lenses are NOT substitutes for protective UV absorbing eyewear such as UV absorbing goggles or sunglasses because they do not completely cover the eye and surrounding area. You should continue to use UV absorbing eyewear as directed by your optician.

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