Computer Eye Strain Tips

Digital screens can be hard on your eyes for a number of reasons. Using a digital device reduces your blink rate without you even realising, which can lead to dry, irritated or red eyes123. Computer eye strain, tired eyes and blurred and variable vision can also be a result of looking at a digital screen for extended periods of time. If you get these symptoms regularly, contact your optician for advice.

Most of us spend a fair few hours using a computer or other digital device every day, and we all know this can sometimes have an impact on our eyes. Choosing the right contact lenses will help keep your eyes feeling comfortable when you are using the computer and help combat computer eye strain.


If you wear contact lenses, you may notice the effects of a digital screen on your eyes even more. Follow these tips to keep your eyes comfortable in front of your screen and to help combat computer eye strain:

Blink frequently

Blinking often and fully will help to keep your contact lenses moist.

Take a break

Try to take a break every 20 minutes, and look away at various distances from your device.

Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water to keep as hydrated as possible.

Adjust your Monitor

Have your monitor about an arm’s length away and at around eye level. Adjusting your chair can help too.


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