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Contact lenses are a great way to help you get clear, stable vision. Not only is ACUVUE® the most trusted brand by eye care professionals in the UK1, we also boast some famous fans among our 1 million+ UK wearers.

Discover how the benefits of clear, uninterrupted vision has helped
Katarina Johnson-Thompson, World Champion Heptathlete, reach her goals.

Contact lenses give me a full field of vision, from leaving the house, going to the training track or seeing my friends.
They also make me feel more confident.

– Katarina Johnson-Thompson
     World Champion Heptathlete

If you are ready with your trial lenses, the ACUVUE® 21 Day Challenge is a three-week support plan that will help build your confidence with your contact lenses through tips and tricks, how-to guides, videos and motivating emails.

*The challenge starts when you have your trial lenses ready.
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Everyone has different reasons as to how contact lenses can give them more freedom and confidence. Below are some examples to inspire you to try contact lenses for yourself or recommend them to someone you know.

At Work

Whether your office is a desk, hospital, taxi or nursery, contact lenses can give you a full field of hassle-free vision, without the risk of glasses falling off or steaming up.

For Playing Sport

Whether you’re an extreme sports enthusiast or just go running occasionally, contact lenses give you the freedom to focus on your sport.

For Confidence

Contact lenses offer a natural look and can help improve how you feel about yourself.

For Special Occasions

Contact lenses are a great alternative for special occasions when you don’t want glasses as part of your outfit.

Enjoying a Hobby

Whether your hobby is gaming, baking or crafting, our contact lenses feature a built-in advanced wetting ingredient*2 to help keep your eyes feeling hydrated all day long, so you can stay focused on your passion.

For Convenience

Wearing contact lenses is simple and means not having to worry about forgetting your glasses or wiping foggy lenses.


Go See life through a different lens and see it all with ACUVUE® contact lenses. Discover the benefits of contact lenses and see how the little things have become everything.


If you’re thinking about contact lenses and want to find out more, we’ve put together some handy information including facts about lenses, top tips and guides on how to handle and wear them.


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* ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses contain a wetting/hydrating agent to help lenses stay hydrated.
1. Survey among 150 Eye Care Professionals from the United Kingdom conducted from May 2021 to June 2021.
2. JJV Data on File 2018. ACUVUE® Master Brand Claims on Clinical Performance and Overall Material Properties.